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CandleLit simplifies self-care despite your busy life. We partner with POC-owned brands to support a holistic wellness lifestyle. All products are natural, toxin-free and assist in securing your calm.

Did you know ...

According to Nielsen, 58 percent of Black and Latina women don’t mind giving up their personal time for work, 20 percent higher than non-Hispanic women.

While unfortunate, this statistic is reversible. Most of us hear wellness and think of hot yoga classes and green smoothies. Not quite. When it comes to wellness, like our sis Solange said, this one is for us. No, seriously ancient healing practices date back to traditions of indigenous tribes. Wellness can span from the food we eat to the people we cut off in our lives. We help you prioritize and reclaim your calm. Self-care comes in many forms, but you aren’t on this journey alone.

Our founder became a mom eight months after getting married, dealing with a lot of stress within the first few weeks of giving birth as she recovered. Whether you are a mom or not, it’s tough to find energy, time or space, to practice self-care. She didn’t know where to start and as result spent a lot of time (and coins) trying to find products with natural ingredients and routines she could incorporate into her day. 

Why Candles?

All candles featured in our boxes are hand-poured.

Soy wax is made from soybeans and is a solid form of hydrogenated soybean oil, making it a natural and renewable product. 

+ cleaner burning - no toxins, carcinogens or pollutants which means it's less likely to trigger allergies. no petrol-carbon soot like you get from petroleum-based paraffin candles. 
+ longer lasting - soy wax burns cooler which means that you can enjoy your soy wax candle for generally 30-50% longer than a paraffin candle.

Why Lit?

We consider reading one of the ultimate forms of self-care because it allows escape and comfort in times of need. Literature frees your mind, amplifies our voice and stories especially when told through our words. Reading improves our sleep, decreases our stress and places us in a meditative state.

We are an ode to each of the women in our lives who continue to light our flame.

Start your journey with us today!


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